dinsdag 26 mei 2015

Recording Tour

So I finally did it, recorded 12 bands in a two month trip through Europe, it was very intense and a very special experience! This was the planning:

March 7-9: Wheel of Smoke (Leuven)
March 10-13: Kabochar (Luik)
March 16-20: The Fat Badgers (Strassbourg)
March 21-23: Delorian Cloud Fire (Basel)
March 24-26: Djoukil (Lyon)
March 27-29: L'ombre du 8 (Lyon)
March 30-April 3: Qi.Li.Ou. (Milan)
April 4-12: -
April 13: Daniela Grigioni (Milan)
April 14-16: Accalapia Ratti (Milano)
April 19-21: Ça (Lyon)
April 22-24: High Sausages (Angers)
April 25-26: Observer (Paris)

It's done! Read here, here and here about the funky details. (Sorry it's Dutch...) I'm mixing a lot now, most of the stuff turned out pretty great!

Next week I'll do the sound of a big dance-production with a lot of musicians on a special location, check it out here. Gonna be cool :)

This season I will be doing all the gigs of The Indien as well as joining Tantrum from Dordrecht here and there. Good stuff!

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