dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Paul Istance and The Magic Mumble Jumble

In december 2014 we did a very special recording. With a group of Art of Sound students I managed this recording, 24 tracks via the Digico SD9 into my laptop. I talked a lot with Paul, frontman of the group, he really wanted to use the Schoenberg hall of the conservatoire and also do everything totally live. This was actually the first take which was ment as a soundcheck. We recorded 4 songs in 4 hours inclusive setting up, soundcheck and cleaning up.

The mix was very hard because there is off course a lot of bleed everywhere, for the next recording a smaller room would be give it a lot more density, since the room-mic's were capturing the most excitement.

Thursday we're going to do a recording of a live-show in Paard van Troje small hall and I think that could also be a great way for them to capture their songs. 

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