maandag 8 december 2014

Helmbreker Vibes

Big artists have been coming to the Helmbreker studio lately! Where last week Herman Finkers was working on his songs about Almelo, this friday I had the pleasure of working with Candy Dulfer who was doing a writing session with producer Dennis Letnom.

Then yesterday there was a big session called the Biesessies, a live-recording of a whole cd in two sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Erik van Muiswinkel, Pépé Fisscher, Wiebe Hartog, Jaco van der Steen, Mindel Koning, Joel de Tombe and Bobbie Wall performed text by Bies van Ede accompanied by the band consisting of: Erwin Benjamins, Martijn Bosman, Rodney Calis, Ray Edgar Duyns, Martin Nijdam, Ron Knotter en Maarten Veldhuis. In the end I did the amplification and Bart Wagemakers did the recording. Quite the setup, a pretty long day but very nice songs. 

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