maandag 1 december 2014

Finkers, Splendid, Andere Koek and the Recording Tour

Exciting new stuff happening in my life. I'm working a bit more at the Helmbreker studio in Haarlem. I was assisting engineer on a session of the recordings of the new album of Herman Finkers. Apparently Almelo is the place to be according to mister Finkers, and so he's making an album to prove that point. Daniel Lohues and Bart Wagemakers were both producing and playing on the album. Mighty fine people.

In newer news, I will be joining the recording session of the new Splendid Album together with Bas van Wageningen. In January we will be doing a nice lively session in their own Splendid Studio. 
Here a nice clip (of which I also did some work for) of a band called Friends of the Family, recored right there. 

In newer newer news, In january Andere Koek and me will be going to Audioworkx studio to record some news songs. We're working on some pre-productions now and it's gonna be really sweet. For the image, here a session of Left recording which I attended in Audioworkx about a year ago.

In older newer news, I'm still working on my 'Recording Tour'. I made a little facebook page and you can follow all my adventures there. So far I've got 3 bands: Wheel of Smoke, Nunki and The Fat Badgers. I'm positive that it's gonna be great, but it's a lot of work.

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