woensdag 5 november 2014

Life update

Since I'm preparing for international adventures I'll start writing in English now.
I've played guitar for De Skaggerz couple of weeks ago, that was a fun change. Kinda miss playing... Still live sound with The Vagary brings you in weird places sometimes. Some sort of modern theater piece wich we were part of..?
Last saturday I was head engineer of sound of the Sunflower Mind to Bloom party, with friends playing there: VDRSH, Sascha and the Sharp Five. We rented a soundsystem and got a part from the conservetoire, very reverberant and loud hall so we tried to damp it a bit. In the end it was a tiny bit loud still but everything was hearable. Lot's of improvisation with stuff being broken but in the end it was an awesome party. Paul instance's Magic Mumble Jumble also asked me to do make some recordings happen so that should be really cool as well.

Yesterday we were doing pre recordings for the new album of Scotch. Simple setup, but a nice way to test my portable set. A lot of bleed on all the mic's, and also 58's are pretty limited in a studio setup but definitively a fun way of recording. More soon!

on the road with De Skaggerz

VDRSH live sound in Bird

The Vagary in Amsterdam

Setting up the Sunflower soundsystem

Oscar doing Van Hoek Kwartet

Van Hoek Kwartet


Scotch Prerecordings

little bit of seperation

blowin' it up

VDRSH in Bird

Sascha and the Sharp Five at Sunflower

Prerecordings Scotch

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